Improving Perceptions

(Welcoming & Enhancing)

Creating a Shop and Leisure watch scheme helping to deliver information and radios to businesses.

Ensuring street scene standards in Andover are consistently high.

Working with landlords to improve aesthetics and decrease the volume of vacant units.

Work with event organisers to coordinate and improve visibility and footfall of local businesses and ensure there is an event every month for the first 6-months.

Develop a co-ordinated summer marketing campaign for all businesses in the BID area to improve awareness and footfall/dwell time.

Introduce a public Wi-Fi area within the High Street providing Wi-Fi to customers and enhanced footfall data to businesses. The BID will also investigate ways to market BID businesses in real-time to those logging into this.

Raising the Profile

(Promoting & Supporting)

Marketing campaigns in Andover and the nearby towns.

A series of events aimed at attracting footfall in Andover.

Work with Test Valley Borough Council to identify business-friendly parking options for town-centre car parks.

Work with the upper High Street to improve footfall with at least one event in the first 6-months.

Work with the Council to ensure local business interest is taken into account in any proposed developments impacting the Town Centre.

Backing Businesses

(Representing & Influencing)

Work with Levy-Payers to provide services including health & safety training and marketing workshops.

Introduce group purchasing schemes for example energy & waste collection.

Identify opportunities for potential savings through bulk purchasing arrangements for individual businesses.

Provide two rent-free popup shops for the first 12 months.

Priorities for the first 6-Months of Andover BID (April – September 2019)

1. Meet & Introduction to BID members/ businesses
  • Visit BID Members
  • Establish contact details for decision maker.
  • Establish a database of contacts
  • Introduce the concept of a BID
  • Establish individual business requirements
2. Events
  • Food Fair – 12th May
  • Garden Fair – 30th June
  • Festival of Motoring 29th September
3. Waste Charter
  • Identify a suitable waste provider
  • Regular trade waste collection to all Businesses
  • No tie in contract
  • Uniformity of collection
  • Environmentally friendly – recycled/nothing to landfill
  • Competitive prices whether bags or bins
4. Pop-Up Shops
  • Identify 2 vacant retail premises
  • Advertise the units available
  • Vinyl or window displays
  • Work with Andover College for display
  • Identify suitable start up tenants
  • Support them with business advice
5. Two-way radios
  • Identify a suitable radio company
  • Agree a suitable system for the town
  • Offer to BID members
  • DISC secure website
  • Establish a Pubwatch/Shopwatch scheme
6. Free Wi-Fi
  • Data capture
  • Encourage people into the town centre
  • Improve dwell time
  • Geo technology can capture footfall stats
7. Introduce an Indies group
  • Identify the Indies in the town
  • Find a leader
  • Publish a simple constitution
  • Agree some priorities/timelines
  • Agree a small promo budget for activities
8. Produce a BID Newsletter
  • Initially digital/maybe printed quarterly
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