About Andover Bid

Andover Business Improvement Districts (BID) was elected as a Town Centre BID and came into effect on 1 April 2019, initially running for 5-years. After this five-year period businesses are balloted on whether they want to continue with a subsequent five-year period. Andover is one of nearly 300 BIDS in the UK and BIDs have proven to be an effective way in which businesses can have a strong voice and improve their local -trading environment. In Andover, the BID represents over 200 town centre businesses with a rateable value exceeding £10,000.

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  • I wanted to thank an Andover ranger (I dont know which one) for finding and handing my wallet into the bank. I had not heard of the Andover rangers before. Please can you pass on my thanks to the team? What a great service. I am going to write to the Andover Advertiser to say what a good service they provide.

    Kim Partington

  • The rangers have just been in, they regularly visit and respond quickly when we call on the radio. There has a been a particular spate of local shop lifting recently so they have been extremely busy, and we have been extremely grateful for their support. They often support whilst our staff call the police which has happened on several occasions recently. Theft in our store is considerably less now because of the BID.



  • The BID rangers are an asset to the town. They provide reassurance to visitors and patrol the town centre and the Chantry Centre daily and know everything that is going on. They are interested and have taken the trouble to get to know me and my staff. They respond quickly to the radio when we have issues, assist us with theft prevention and are always helpful. They know most of the people who shoplift, and they update us regularly on situations around Andover, we are delighted to have them here. Since their introduction by the BID, shoplifting is my store has been significantly reduced. I often feel sorry for them when they have to sprint across town to an urgent request on the radio.

    Sports Direct

  • I am pleased that the Town rangers seem to be doing well. A couple of days ago there was an incident where they were trying to find a well-known shop lifter and it was obvious by the radio use that they were very busy all over the town. The communication was useful to shop owners to know what was going on and to be prepared. I welcome BID introducing the Rangers to Andover.  


  • The BID Rangers are immensely helpful and supportive of Waitrose and its security. On Saturday afternoon they dealt with a medical incident in store and they were able to effectively hand it over to the paramedics when they arrived. In their first three weeks, they have assisted our security guy with a number of store thefts helping to save our store thousands. They already know most of the people in town likely to offend in our store and we are delighted with their appointment to the town. When we radio the BID Rangers, we usually receive an instant response, and they are here in minutes. Please thank them for their work.  


  • Delighted with the support of the BID Rangers. They have responded on numerous occasions and helped prevent theft in the store. They are professional, they know what they are doing and have an eye for detail. They are particularly helpful to my staff, respond quickly and have saved us a lot of money. Customers feel very reassured.  


  • We love having the BID rangers around, they help us to feel secure, they deter anti social behaviour and are a friendly face to businesses keeping us in touch with is going on in the town.  

    Canto Gelato

  • The Rangers are very proactive in town, they are constantly around and know most of the people that cause trouble. They carry the radios and we have seen a big increase in usage since the rangers arrived. They have quickly got to know the town; they respond quickly to radio calls and they work closely with the businesses and support agencies to improve the feeling of the town.  

    The White Hart

  • Having the Rangers in town has made a big difference to our safety. Businesses are reporting that they are a great help, they are readily available, and we have witnessed many cases where they have helped. Our customers report that they feel reassured with the uniformed presence and that the two guys are helpful. The use of the radios between shops has increased as a result and we all feel much safer.  

    The Travelling Cupcake

  • The introduction of the BID rangers has helped us tremendously. They are well trained, speedy and act professionally. They have attended a number of serious situations including one last Saturday and helped to prevent theft from the store. As a result of their introduction, we have seen a significant increase in radio use, and they helped us with shop lifting and other issues on multiple occasions. This is one of the best initiatives that bid has introduced and is great for the town.  


  • As an independent retailer I love having the rangers looking after our town, people and stores. They offer peace of mind for all sorts of day to day things from petty theft to first aid, I know if they have any issues they will be there for me

    Alex McGarry